Why Diwali Can't Celebrate In Kerala

Why Diwali Can’t Celebrate In Kerala

Diwali can’t celebrate all over the state of Kerala. There are different reasons for this. But the main reason is the difference in the beliefs of people in the state.

Diwali, the festival of lights, known by the name Deepavali in the southern state of Kerala. But in all parts of the state, the fest is not popular.

People who live in the north side of the country celebrate Diwali with full pomp. But people in the South Like people of Kerala State can’t. Here are the reasons in detail.


Keralites’ mythological belief states that. The state ruled by Mahabali, an Asura king.

Onam, the prominent festival celebrated in the state, honors the memory of Mahabali.


Diwali in the north is associated with Ram and Ravana. But, most people in Kerala are Krishna worshippers. In fact, those who honor Diwali in the state celebrate the defeat of the Narakasura by Lord Krishna.

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