Spend Money Wisely and Don’t Splurge Said Last Year Bumper Prize Winner

A winner of the 2021 Onam bumper prize gives advice to today’s prize winner Anoop.

He says: “Should not spend the money all at once. Must analyze the income and expenditure properly. Must keep the records.”

Jayapalan a prize winner of 2021 also said that there is no big change since he won the lottery. He still earns his daily bread by riding his rickshaw.

He also said that the money was deposited in his account 35 days after he won the lottery. He got Rs 7.44 crore out of the Rs 12 cr after deducting taxes and other charges. He said that he invested funds in his children’s names as fixed deposits and helped many others.

Jayapalan also has advice for the new winners of the lottery. He says that it’s best not to indulge in too many financial dealings for two years.

Also, he added, “Spend only based on what you earn as income. Do not splurge, spend wisely,”.

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