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Sobha Surendran not Happy to Exclude from Core Committee of BJP

Sobha Surendran, the leader of the BJP has expressed displeasure. On not included in the core committee of the party.

She said that even though she was personally hurt after excluded from the committee. But she was still part of the core committee in the minds of the people of Kerala.

More, she said, “As an individual, it hurts a lot not being a part of the core committee. But there is a core committee inside the houses of the people of the state. That includes the father, the mother, and the children. That is the core committee of the people. It decides what post should given to each individual in their hearts. For the past 28 years, I have worked in front of the people of Kerala. And believe that I will be a part of their core committee.”

Reacting to the inclusion of former Rajya Sabha MP and actor Suresh Gopi in the core committee. She said, “I am a sister who is happily waiting for Suresh Gopi to join the core committee.”

She further said the allegation that she is staying away from party activities was not true. The party president is the one who should assign activities.

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