Policewoman Breastfeeding an Infant

Policewoman Breastfeeding an Infant

Kerala Police Chief Anil Kant on Monday felicitated policewoman MR Ramya. For breastfeeding an infant separated from the mother.

Civil Police Officer MR Ramya and her family invited to the police headquarters. And she was honored with a certificate of appreciation. The police chief said that. This act of compassion in treating the famished infant. Enhanced the reputation of the police force.

High Court judge Devan Ramachandran, has seen her spontaneity. To save the famished infant had also written a letter to the police chief appreciating her work.

She was also presented with a certificate from the judge by the police chief. The certificate mentioned that she represents the best face of the police force.

On Saturday morning, a 22-year-old woman. The mother of the infant lodged. A complaint with the Chevayur police station that her baby was missing.

Due to a family dispute, the infant had taken away from the mother. Upon the information that the father may have gone with the infant. To Bengaluru on his way to work, police stations informed along the Wayanad border. The Sultan Batheri Police found and detained the father. That traveling with the infant while checking vehicles along the border.

The police rushed the famished and exhausted newborn to a hospital. Doctors found the infant’s sugar level was low. When Ramya reached the hospital. She informed the doctors that she was a lactating mother and she fed the infant. And in the evening, the infant united with the mother.

Ms. Ramya is a native of Chingapuram, Kozhikode, who joined the police force four years ago. She had completed her training in the second batch of the women’s battalion. And served in the fourth squad of the Armed Police Battalion. She had joined the Chevayur police station after her maternity leave. Ramya, a mother of two, is the wife of schoolteacher Ashwant Viswan VR.

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