Police Start Searching in Human Sacrifice Case

The Special Investigation Team started searching the premises of the house. Where two women were reportedly killed. The team builds in a human sacrifice case. Three accused in the case have taken to the house for evidence collection.

The house at Elanthoor is here. Where the search is in progress and owned by Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila, accused in the case. Two dogs from the dog squad were taken to the spot as part of the searches.

According to reports, the dogs ran towards a sacred grove close to the house. It was revealed that Laila had flown the blood after the human sacrifice to this sacred grove. The dog squad is carrying out the searches at the one-acre land owned by Bhagaval Singh.

The police team has been trying to find out. Whether the accused had buried more bodies in the area. Police will search the areas spotted by the dogs.

At the same time, it learned that the forensic team recovered a bone from the land. It will be sent for a detailed examination.

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