Muslim League State General Secretary PMA Salam

People are Suspicious About the Ban on PFI

Muslim League State General Secretary PMA Salam said that. The party and the people are suspicious of the central government’s move to ban the PFI.

On Friday during a press conference, he said that. “It is not a right move to arbitrarily ban the Popular Front of India. Banning is not the solution. No one can destroy an ideology by banning an organization”.

Also, he said that. Muslim League is a party that had openly stated its stand on banning PFI. And its ideology from the beginning. PFI was banned on the grounds of communalism, sectarianism, and spreading hatred. But, there are organizations in the country that does worse of it, he added.

He said “In the notification issued by the central government. It mentioned that PFI is associated with two political killings in the state. Aren’t there outfits like RSS in the country that engage in political murders? Thus, it is not justifiable on part of the central government. To arbitrarily take action against PFI. While not moving against others”.

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