Opposition Leaders Reacted to the Sexual Assault Case

Opposition leader VD Satheesan and KPCC Chief K Sudhakaran reacted to the sexual assault case. Which is against party legislator MLA Eldhose Kunnapillil. The reaction comes at a time when Kunnapillil is on the run. After booking in a physical and sexual assault case.

Satheesan said that. There was no need for Kunnapillil to go under hiding at a time. When the anticipatory bail plea is under consideration by the court. He pointed out that KPCC will seek his explanation.

He said “Waiting for Kunnapillil’s explanation but he remains unreachable,” Satheesan added. “like CPM we won’t say usual arguments like politically motivated allegations.”

KPCC chief K Sudhakaran said that. KPCC has no obligation to protect a person who is facing allegations.

Sudhakaran also took the opportunity to attack CPM and said that. Congress does not have the precedent of protecting a person facing allegations.

Congress and UDF have been facing flak over Kunnapillil’s case. The reactions come as damage control.

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