Arya Rajendran

Letter in Mayor’s Name from Area Committee Member

The CPM is struggling to wriggle out of a nepotism row. Has rallied behind the Mayor of the Thiruvananthapuram Municipal Corporation. Whose name a letter seeking party followers for civic jobs came out in the open.

Amid prompt protests by the opposition. An area committee member of the left party has blamed. For penning the controversial letter.

The same Area Committee member said. To be controlling many temporary appointments in the Corporation. The operations of the gang, including him and the local committee secretary. Based at the office of a Trust near the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. All these activities are being carried out with the support of a senior CPM leader, it alleged.

On most days, the leader reaches the office. The candidates for the temporary jobs summoned and the decisions. The appointment taken in the presence of this leader.

The State leadership of the party had received complaints. About the clandestine deals of the leader and the Area Committee member.

The letter that came out in Mayor Arya Rajendran’s name was reportedly drafted. By the Area Committee member. It handed over to the Local Committee secretary. The committee forwarded it to WhatsApp groups from where it was leaked.

The party would reportedly start disciplinary action against both of them.

The Mayor had raised a few suspicions about the letter. It is not known how they got hold of the Mayor’s official letterhead.

The Local Secretary is also a board member of a Cooperative Bank.

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