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Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 Guessing Thirteen.9.2018 | Kerala Lottery Guessing

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12-9-2018 Result Updated

kerala lottery result today guessing of Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 dated Thirteen.9.2018. Safe number predictions of weekly lottery Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 Guessing Thirteen.9.2018. Easiest that that you can factor in winning numbers published beneath. These guessing numbers are lawful our and our visitor’s predictions. Folks who are drawn to Kerala lotteries employ many ways to forecast the winning numbers with many recommendations of speculations. These are now not any leaked Kerala lottery result or confirmed Kerala lottery result. Predictions of Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 lottery is highest a speculative game for relaxing and hang bigger the curiosity on the plot of  Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 Lottery held on Thirteen.9.2018.

Kerala suppose lotteries live result might be viewed at Three:00 PM at Sree Chithra Home Auditorium. Essentially primarily based on today announced result the first prize became once of Eighty Lakhs, 2nd prize became once of 10 Lakhs and third prize became once of 2 Lakh. The prize winners are suggested to confirm the winning numbers with the Kerala lottery published within the Kerala Authorities Gazette and resign the winning tickets inside of 30 days.


02,Sixty seven,12

fifty two,Forty eight,Forty two




ABC, Board

                           A = 1,0,5,Four                  

       B = 2,Four,Eight

      C = 1,Four,9

Kerala Lottery Guessing Thirteen.09.2018 Karunya Plus Lottery KN 230 Guessing Video

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