Kerala Govt to Ramp up action against modified vehicles

The government will slap hefty penalties on tourist buses and their operators. If unwanted and illegal fittings found on the vehicles. Kerala Transport Minister Antony Raju said.

Speaking to reports in Thiruvananthapuram. The minister said that at least Rs 10,000 will be levied for each new fitting. This is double what was levied until now.

The development comes days after a tragic accident in Palakkad. Where a tourist bus, found to have driven recklessly and over the speed limit. That collided with a KSRTC passenger vehicle, killing nine.

Any tampering with the speed governor. Usually fitted to public passenger vehicles, would invite criminal charges. Said, the minister.

The criminal charges would also be slapped on anyone aiding in the removal or tampering of speed governors, the minister added.

The new changes are to enforce strict adherence to the law, the minister said. The Kerala High Court too had made a directive on similar lines.

It urged for the cancellation of fitness certificates of ‘modified’ vehicles. The government welcomed the court’s order and said it will be strictly implemented.

Three-tier checks

The government has also ramped up its efforts to ensure. That no vehicles, especially tourist buses. Adorned with unwonted and illegal fittings will play the road.

All such buses are to be registered under their respective Regional Transport Offices. And will be prone to a three-tier inspection at regular intervals.

If the vehicle is found plying on the road with modifications. All officers involved will also be penalized, the minister said.

The license will be revoked

The license of the driver and the permit of the operator will also be revoked.

To see the license renewed, they must attend and pass a refresher class.

Colour code and GPS

A uniform color code for stage carriages would implemented from now on. And vehicles violating the same would be impounded, the minister said.

Contract vehicles painted white with blue borders. The minister urged all such vehicles to switch to this paint as soon as possible.

Vehicles from other states

Another major step taken by the government. That is to cancel the earlier directive of the Transport Commissioner. Which allowed tourist vehicles registered in other States with all-India Permits. “From now on, they can run on Kerala roads only if they pay road tax in the State like the model adopted by Tamil Nadu. This will come into effect from November 1,” the Minister said.

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