Kerala Governor File Report Against Pinarayi Vijayan

Kerala Governor has one more grouse against the Pinarayi Vijayan Government. He has now reported to the President and the Prime Minister. About the Kerala CM’s unauthorized overseas trip.

The Governor has demanded action against the CM in his letter to the President. Arif Mohammad Khan claimed he was not informed about the 10-day trip. Or the alternative arrangements made to run the State Government in CM’s absence.

Pinarayi Vijayan had recently gone to Europe and returned after a brief stay. Likely owing to the recent fraying of ties between the CM and Governor over a slew of issues. the former didn’t extend the courtesy of a customary meeting. Before departing the country.

The Governor is the nominal Head of the Government and the Chief Minister is the real executive.

As per the convention, the CM and the PM apprise the Governor and the President. Whenever an overseas trip is undertaken. They call on the latter before and after the trip.

Of late Governor Khan has come down hard on the State Government. Over a range of issues from ordinances to university affairs. He has refused assent to ordinances and demanded. The sacking of vice-chancellors and even a minister.

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