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Kerala Government Start Preparation to Remove the Governor

The Kerala government has begun preparations. That is to remove the governor as Chancellor of universities. The government has decided to pass an ordinance as the Assembly session is yet to be called.

The state government discussed the removal of the governor. From the chancellor’s post with legal experts. Officers at the secretariat have started preparation for the ordinance.

The Shyam B Menon commission, appointed for higher education reforms. Now had recommended appointing a separate chancellor for each university. There are no provisions about the chancellor’s post in the UGC regulations.

The governor has appointed the chancellor based. That is the specific rules of each university. Government sources said that. There are no constitutional problems in removing the governor from the post.

The President had been appointed as the chancellor of central universities. Currently, the president is not the chancellor of several of the universities.

Governor Arif Mohammad Khan himself has repeatedly said that. He will sign an ordinance or a bill passed in the Assembly to remove him as chancellor. So, the government is of hopes that the governor will sign the ordinance.

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