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Kerala Government Misuse the State Machinery: said ED

Kerala government has constituted a Commission of Inquiry to look into an investigation. That conducted by it into the gold smuggling case. Which allegedly involved IAS officer M Sivasankar. Then Principal Secretary of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, and others. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) has told this in Supreme Court.

This is clear that powerful persons involved in the case. Who are holding high offices in the Government of Kerala. These are willing to misuse the State machinery and powers. To thwart and derail proceedings in the case. The ED seeking the transfer of the case from Kerala to Karnataka.

What Enforcement Directorate Said

The ED said, “Even though a letter was sent by the CM of Kerala to the PM. When the investigation progressed and the role of his own. Then Principal Secretary detected. The State Machinery turned against ED and registered false cases. By influencing the accused and making efforts to derail the investigation and trial.”

The ED also said. One of the key accused, Sivasankar, was then the principal secretary. He is continuing in a key high-ranking position in the government of Kerala even today.

“If the trial continued in Kerala. The high profile people will influence the accused persons and witnesses. Thereby derail the fair and independent trial of the case,”

The ED also said after coming out on bail. The IAS officer Sivasankar has been influencing other accused and is using the state machinery. To fabricate false evidence against the investigating officer and the investigating agency”.

“The very fact that the state government constituted a Commission of Inquiry. To go into an investigation conducted by a central investigating agency. Demonstrates that powerful persons involved in the case. who are holding high offices in the Government of Kerala. Are willing to misuse the State machinery and powers to thwart. And derails proceedings in the case,” the ED said.

The Supreme Court had on October 10 issued a notice to the Kerala government on the ED’s plea to transfer the trial.

The ED has alleged that a free and fair trial of the case is not possible in Kerala. Due to the close nexus between the accused and top officials and functionaries.

Mehta claimed these statements are enough to conclude. That free and fair trial is impossible in Kerala.

He also pointed out that Kerala police lodged an FIR against ED. Alleging fabrication of evidence. Which quashed by the Kerala High Court.

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