Kerala Government has not yet Revealed its Plan

Deadline Nears But Kerala Government has not yet Revealed its Plan

Kerala Government has not yet revealed its plan. Shift to Automated Testing Stations (ATS) starting from April next year.

The Union Transport ministry stated that. ATS is mandatory to test the fitness of heavy goods and passenger motor vehicles. That is from April 1, 2023, onwards. However, states, including Kerala, haven’t yet revealed plans to set up necessary ATS centers for testing vehicles.

The benefit of ATS is its ability to provide accurate details about the fitness of the vehicle. Thus bypassing possibilities for human errors during testing. MVD’s reliance on vehicle inspectors to examine each vehicle can reduced. By automating the process, testing can be extended to many vehicles at a time.

Currently, testing involves the inspector examining different parts of the vehicle. Which includes the engine and chassis, and reviewing. The condition of the vehicle based on the sound produced by the engine. However, the scientific side of examining vehicles is largely ignored.

The central government recommended setting up ATS centers. By bringing amendments to The Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act 2019.

As of now, ATS centers are only available in 10 locations in the state. But, testing here lacks the basic standards mandated by the central government.

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