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Happy Onam – Today is Onam Festival 2022

Onam is annual festival celebrate in Indian state Kerala. People of Kerala celebrate this event every year at 7, 8, and 9 September. Onam also called Thiruvonam. Besides these 3 main days, this festival celebrate 10 days.

Onam celebrate in remembrance of Mahabali. The king who ruled Kerala. A complete story to give the land as a Gift to Vamanan is related to Onam. Vamanan wants three fit land, for that he asked to Mahabali. Mahabali fulfill the wish of Vamanan.

Onam celebrate according to Malayalam calendar. This is based on Gregorian fall between August to September.

History of Onam

Onam has a long history and religious context at Kerala. We will add a complete history of Onam by time after complete research. Here are some points that you need to read.

The start of Onam found in a poetry known as Maturaikkāñci. It is describe that ast start onam celebrated in Madurai temples.

A 16th-century the memoir of European describes Onam. It mentions that Onam is always celebrated in September. Also the Malayali people set their homes with flowers and daub them over with cow’s dung. For this they believing its auspicious association with goddess Lakshmi.

This is simple and short history of Onam.


Onam is big festival of Hindus. It is celebrates rice harvest. Two main significance of this festival.

The first is Mahabali was granted permission by Vishnu. He give permit him to visit the world once a year. This is because as a result of his devotion. Onam is the name given to this yearly visit.

The second is celebrates the rice harvest. Onasadya, or large feasts, are prepared for this day. So these are incredibly popular with non-Malayalees.


Here are some important questions that people always asked.

How many days leave for Onam?

10 days holidays are for Kerala peoples at the celebration of Onam. State of Kerala give official holidays.

Which is the main day of Onam?

The main days of Onam is 8 or 9 September in Kerala.

Happy Onam to all my Kerala brothers and sisters and all people of Kerala. Enjoy and keep smiling.

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