Congress Leader criticizes NSS general secretary

Congress Leader criticizes NSS general secretary

A congress leader VD Satheesan criticizes NSS general secretary G Sukumaran. He said, he has not rejected the NSS or distanced himself from anyone. Satheesan clarified his earlier stand and said. Political leaders should not follow whatever the community leaders tell them.

The opposition leader told reporters in Dubai that during Thrikkakara byelection. The only thing he said was that the party does not want the votes of communalists.

The NSS general secretary had said he supported Satheesan as the latter was a Nair. But after winning, the first thing Satheesan said was that. He does not ask community leaders for help, Sukumaran added.

He further said that before the election Satheesan met and spoke with him. Which is for over an hour at Changanassery. He was there to ask for help to win the election, the NSS leader said.

About the statement, Satheesan said. “Sukumaran said the same thing one year ago when I was elected the Leader of the Opposition. I gave a clear answer at that time. I have not rejected the NSS. What I said is very clear. We can visit everyone, ask about their problems, stand with them and help them. I Have not distanced myself from anyone.”

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