Another Comment that is Set to Create Furor

Sudhakaran stated on Sunday that Jawaharlal Nehru was ready to enter into a truce. Even with communal fascists for the sake of democracy.

He said “Nehru was willing to make RSS leader Shyama Prasad Mukherjee a minister in his Cabinet. This was proof of his high sense of democracy. By appointing Dr. B R Ambedkar as law minister. He ensured the sacred values of democracy were upheld,”.

Sudhakaran said there was no opposition during Nehru’s era. “There were not enough numbers to make up an opposition,”.

Another controversy

It was on November 9 that Sudhakaran landed in controversy by saying. He had sent his men to give protection to RSS branches. When he was part of the Congress (Organisation) decades ago and the right-wing outfit. Also has all rights to function in a democratic country.

While speaking at a function in the Kannur district, the Congress leader said. The CPM had tried to destroy the RSS branches. When they launched in places like Edakkad, Thottada, and Kizhunna in Kannur. And he had sent people to “protect” them from left cadres.

Sudhakaran made it clear. That he had done so not because of any affiliation towards the right-wing outfit. But out of a feeling that it was not appropriate for a democratic believer. To be silent when one’s rights were being trampled upon.

The KPCC chief known for his fight against the Marxist party in Kannur. Which known as a CPM bastion, also said. Freedom of expression and political liberty were the birth rights of every individual.

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