Advocate Aiswarya’s suicide – Husband Kannan Nair Arrested

Police arrested Kannan Nair in connection with the suicide of his wife. Remember Kannan Nair is the husband of advocate Aiswarya Unnithan, who attempts suicide.

Kannan arrested on the basis of the contents in Aiswarya’s suicide note. Also, the base of the diary that seized by the police.

Kannan has slapped with charges. The act of domestic violence is also included in the charges. Later he gave in to the remanded to judicial custody.

Aiswarya’s suicide note was a virtual charge sheet against Kannan Nair. Her relatives also alleged. She committed suicide after being unable to bear the continuous torture.

She wrote in the death note is following.

“At least owing to my death, let him learn the value of love. Kannan is responsible for my death. He subjected me to that much cruelty. He harassed me mentally. He is the cruelest person I have ever seen. He doesn’t love anyone. He is bothered only about his happiness. He destroyed my mental peace, happiness, and my life itself,”

She found hanging from the ceiling of the bedroom. At that time she is in her husband’s house.

She married Kannan three years ago after coming into contact on social media.

Both of them lived separately for six months. After he allegedly subjected Aiswarya to continuous physical torture. Later, they sent for counseling and the issue was patched up.

Kannan who didn’t complete LLB degree. He was looking the timber mill after that. The mill owned by his father Jayakumar.

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