A Women Filed Complaint Against Congress MLA

A Women Filed Complaint Against Congress MLA

Women who threatened and forced by MLA Eldhose filed a complaint. The complaint is about sexual assault against Eldhose Kunnappilly. She said if she can’t receive any help then she commits suicide.

The woman was admitted to the hospital several times. After facing physical abuse from the Congres MLA.

In a press conference, she said “He assaulted me many times and took me to hospital for treatment. It was the local people in Kovalam who informed the police about the assault. He even told the locals that I was his wife”.

The woman said that she befriended Eldhose through a close acquittance of her. Eldhose had promised to pay Rs 30 lakh to withdraw the complaint. Several people advised me to compromise and I could not name them now, she added.

The complainant said she had known Eldhose for the past 10 years and became close in June 2022. “I realized he was a bad person after he tried to disrupt my private life. He attacked me several times at my house after I tried to keep a distance from him.”

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