20-year-long legal battle: Kozhikode Man Won the fight But After 5 Months of his Death

The state government has sanctioned a pension for a Kozhikode man. That man who had 20 years long battle for his rights. But only five months after his death.

In 1990, Raveendran campaigned for pensions for non-journalist employees. When the government-sanctioned pension for journalists. He retired in 1992.

While in 1994, the government-sanctioned pension for non-journalist employees. Then Raveendran approached Kerala High Court over the development.

After a 20-year-long legal battle, the court approved the demand in 2014. But, the regime then pointed out that. Only employees under those newspapers which followed wage board mandates will be eligible.

Raveendran fought against this policy. And also proved that ‘Pradeepam’ then followed wage board mandates.

After years, the government approved that demand too. The intimation about the approval reached his house on the day. It has no benefit to Raveendran as he passed away five months ago, at the age of 90.

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