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Kerala lottery results are announced now and we are live here for latest Keral Results today from Kerala state. Here you can see Live  results . Which includes Win Win, Akshaya, Sthree Sakthi, Nirmal, etc. Today Kerala Lottery Result is only site which can show you daily live results of Kerala lotteries.

In a week, Kerala Government draws results on daily basis. You can check all Kerala lottery results live on this website. Check Kerala lottery weekly chart below in the table.

Kerala Lottery Result Yesterday

Kerala lottery result chart 2023

DateName of Lottery
15-03-2023Fifty Fifty Official FF-41
14-03-2023Sthree Sakthi Official SS-356
13-03-2023Win Win Official W-710
12-03-2023Akshaya Official AK-591
11-03-2023Karunya Official KR-592
10-03-2023Nirmal Official NR-319
09-03-2023Karunya Plus Official KN-460

History of Kerala Lottery

Kerala Lotteries ran by the state of Kerala in 1967. The reason to run lotteries is to end the unemployment in the state. Another idea is to add more value to government finance. Before this, there were many private lotteries run in a state. The government banned all types of private lotteries and ran this official Kerala lottery.

P.K. Kunju Sahib, the finance minister at that time, run this lottery program. This lottery program becomes a role model for other states after that time.

Other states give ideas from this successful lottery and run their lotteries. But the success of the Kerala lottery increased, and no one can beat this. Now Kerala lottery is the country’s biggest lottery program.

Now Kerala lottery includes seven types of lotteries. Six different bumper prizes are also launched yearly by the state of Kerala.
The Kerala state lottery department conducts seven different lotteries every day of the week. The Kerala lottery department held a draw every day at 3:00 pm. The daily draw is held at Gorky Bhavan near Bakery Junction.

X’mas New Year Bumper BR-89 Lottery Result 2023

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Prize Structure

There are different types of Kerala lotteries, as you read above. Every lottery, which is weekly or yearly, has its prize structure. The bumper lotteries that are drawn every year are the following.

  • Christmas New Year Bumper (January)
  • Summer Bumper (March)
  • Vishu Bumper (May)
  • Monsoon Bumper (July)
  • Thiruvonam Bumper (September)
  • Pooja Bumper (November)

So these are six bumper prizes. That is drawn in a month mentioned with them. Another is weekly, which you see in the above table.

Here is complete Kerala Lottery Result prize money detail.

Upcoming Kerala Lottery

You can see the upcoming and daily lotteries. And their result on this website every day. The process to check the today Kerala lottery result is here.

How to Check Kerala Lottery Online

You can visit this website at any time to see the upcoming lottery. As the official lottery result will be drawn at 3:00 pm. You can also see the result after 3:00 pm on this website.

  • Visit this website
  • On the home page, you see the table in which both date and lottery name mentioned
  • You can see today’s lottery result in the table.
  • Click on the link given, and you will land result page where you can see the winning lottery number

Online Sale and Purchase of Kerala Lottery

You can see the online lottery result daily on our website. But online lottery purchase is not legal or banned by the state of Kerala. The state can’t accept the online purchase lottery. The government punishes a person who sells only. You can purchase physical tickets for the lottery.

How to Claim Lottery Prize Money

To claim the winning amount for the Kerala lottery. You should understand the complete result. There is a different process of different winning prizes.

You should complete all the processes. After winning the lottery, and comes to the authority within thirty days. So here is the complete process to claim the winning amount.

  • If your winning prize is 5000 or less, you come to ticket agents to claim your amount.
  • If your amount is less than 1lac, you come to the department of district lottery offices.
  • If the amount is 1lac or above, the 1lac then comes to the department of director of state lotteries.
  • If the winning amount is from 1lac to 20lacs, it comes to the deputy director department.
  • If the winning prize is 20lacs and above. Then you come to the department of director to claim your winning amount.

Above is the complete process of meet with to claim your amount.

Important note: If the winning amount is more than 1lac. Then your winning ticket comes to the director of state lotteries. The Following document must be complete before it comes here.

  • A self-attested photocopy of both sides of the ticket with a claim application.
  • Two passport-size photos of lottery winners. The photos will be attested by a Gazette officer.
  • A receipt from the prize money that is in the prescribed form. The affixing revenue stamp worth is 1 rupee.
  • The winner pan card self-attested copy is also attached.
  • Attested ID proof like ration card, passport, adhaar card, etc.

These are an important document that is necessary to come with them. You can read all these again and comes with to director of state lotteries.

Kerala State Lotteries

Here is the daily basis Kerala state lotteries.

  1. Monday is the day of Win Win lottery result.
  2. Tuesday is the day of Sthree Sakthi lottery result.
  3. Wednesday is the day of Akshaya lottery result. But now replace with Fifty Fifty lottery result.
  4. Thursday is the day of Karunya Plus lottery result.
  5. Friday is the day of Nirmal lottery result.
  6. Saturday is the day of Karunya lottery result.
  7. Sunday is the day of Fifty Fifty lottery result. But now replace with Akshaya lottery result.

So these are seven types of lotteries. Which are released by Kerala state every day.

What is Lottery and Paper Lottery?

Lottery: A process done by playing a random number tickets game. The first person whose name will be open in a draw result will be the first prize winner. The number of tickets sold and the people who hold this number won the prize. The winner choice is made by drawing random numbers.

Paper Lottery: The lottery program run by the state of Kerala is a paper lottery.

Which is the Official Website to check Kerala lottery results?

The official goverments website of Kerala lottery result is But you can check the live result on this website also. We are also provide the complete official result of Kerala lotteries every day.

How to Check Kerala lottery result today?

You can check the today live lottery result from this website. The process is to bookmark this website in your browser. Every day after the official time of lottery draw. Open this site and keep refreshing. You will see the complete result here.

When will the Kerala lottery result released?

Kerala lottery result released every day at 3:00 pm. The place of winning number announcement is Gorkey Bhavan. We can post the live result here in this website as well as result announce from officials.

If you have any questions about the Kerala state lottery, the comment box is for you if you have. You can comment below, and We will respond within an hour.